The level allocated to each character indicates the amount of power and influence that character has over his environment and enemies.   Level 6 – World Domination Bowser Princess Peach Level 5 – World Manipulation Kamek Baby Bowser Level 4 Iggy and Gang Level 3 Lakitu; Hammer Bros. Level 2 Spinies, Buzzy Beetle Bullet Bill… Continue reading Kooper

Team Rocket

Jessie is a Mars, she is a masculine female. She is female on the inside and identifies herself with other women. However, she enjoys expressing herself with masculine clothes and has a passionate personality. James is a Mercury, as a feminine male. He is male on the inside and identifies himself with other men. However,… Continue reading Team Rocket

Pokemon extra

Some connections between Legendaries and their lesser beings. Do these creatures originate from the Legendaries? Through what system… Ophiuchus/Zygarde Snake (-) – bad snake —– Ekans Snake (•) – nature snake —– Dunsparce Snake (+) – holy snake —– Onix (shelled snake) Rayquaza (Meloetta) Sky (-) – Gothetella Sky (•) – Gardevoir; Solosis Sky (+)… Continue reading Pokemon extra


Reorganised the characters to correct their placement. Thunder – Jou – Water – Deep Savers Mountain – Yamato – Beast – Nightmare Soldiers Water – Koushirou – Machine – Metal Empire Heaven – Hikari – Holy – Virus Busters Marsh – Mimi – Nature – Nature Spirit Earth – Takeru – Dark – Dark Area… Continue reading Digimon