It’s difficult being transgender. Having to decied what actions to talk, what is worth saying, what clothes are appropriate. Where do I fit in, which group do I belong. Gaming, anime, sports, dress-up/make-up. I hate make and fancy clothes, too cheesy for me. But i do it because I have to atleast follow something or I am not putting in effort into my transision. Taking responsibility for my appewrance and medication is difficult, all I want to do is live my day like a normal girl, not having some kind of medical condition that needs sorting. I find it too easy being a girl. My voice, my actions come naturally, but then I worry that I’m going to lose interest. I’m also very punctual, always my manners. Makes me procrastinate. I know a lot about the medicine and procedures, most of the time I don’t want to participate in the undertakings that the other girls are going through. I want orchidectomy, but not bottom surgery or facial hair removal.


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