I was not born into a female lifestyle. I don’t understand what breasts are. I don’t know what a vagina is. I don’t understand what makes fashion worth the effort, except that I despise men’s clothes, which are so dull.

I don’t particularly care for men. Id rather be lesbian and enjoy a women’s company, have an intellectual conversation. I don’t want long hair, its annoying, but I’ll will grow it some. I don’t like facial hair, its ugly, but it doesn’t automatically mean running to laser therapy.

Medication is hard to come by, even for a person with a steady job. It’s expensive and your require high dosages to achieve proper results. It’s not worth relying on government hospital, the dosages are too low and does nothing. I am hoping to get a proper increase in my medication via a professional.

I found it difficult at first to wear women’s garments, thought that it did not belong to me. Now I wear underwear and a dress everyday, its more comfortable and reliable.

The lady who voices Meowth in the pokemon anime is transgender, she got her surgery because of the program. You can hear a change in her voice change over the years.

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