Mermaid reproduction

How do Mermaids reproduce? I believe there are two systems that exist.

First – an egg sac located in upper part of the tail. It is connected to the reproductive system. Once a month, the mermaidproduces a batch of eggs. At the end of the cycle, she finds a nest and though and oroface at the back of het tail, she lays the eggs. Later a male mermaid, merman, releases milk and fertilisers the eggs. From this, normal fish are born, in variety of colours and forms, it depends on what the mermaids consumed during estrice.

The second, is via a uterus, located in the mermaids abdomen. Although it is unknown how this is achieved, a male mermaid impregnats the female though coitus. After a certain number of month’s of carrying, the mermaid give birth, connect though to the same orifice as though which the eggs are ejected. The result of the birth, is a healthy baby mermaid, which is reared by parentage.

Also, mermaids are demigods, offspring of upper level water deities.


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