Celestial Pokemon

Pisces – Marshadow or equivalent
Aquarius – Lunala or equivalent
Capricorn – Solgaleo or equivalent
Sagittarius – Zygarde
Ophiuchus – Arceus
Scorpio – Yveltal
Libra – Xerneas
Virgo – Kyurem
Leo – Kyurem (White)
Cancer – Kyurem (Black)
Gemini – Giratina
Taurus – Palkia
Aries – Dialga

Three strongest legendaries:
Giratina – outer dimensional,
Kyurem (Gray) – its ability to fuse,
Zygarde – snake, close to God.


Also the concept that, given the circumstances of the shared evolution of Solgaleo and Lunala – Xerneas and Yveltal; Palkia and Dailga; Kyurem (B) and Kyurem (W) share a basic and medium form, andalong with a typing group, such as Dragon or Psychic. Like Zygarde and Marshadow, Giratina has a unique chain; The Three Birds shared a chain; The Weathers share a chain; The Lake Guardians share a basic form; and so on. Kyurem and co. result from a defusion, so there is no lesser forms. Although, possibility – Zekrom and Reshiram would share a chain, and Kyurem would have is own. Kyogre and Groudon would share a chain, both would be Dragon type, and Rayquaza had his own chain. Also, Darkrai and Cresselia share a chain, Latios and Latia share a chain.

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