Crystal Starlight

Level 6 – Space-Time Manipulation


Level 5 – Multi-Dimensional Manipulation

Sailor Cosmos,
* Neo-Queen Serenity
* Z-Squad (Goddess-form, Zoot Crystal)

Level 4 – Dimensional Warping

* EternalSailormoon, Eternal’innersenshi; Sailorpluto; Sailorsaturn
* Z-Squad (Triple Crystal)

Level 3 – Spacial Distortion

* SuperSailormoon, Supersenshi; Sailorneptune; Sailoruranus
* Z-Squad (Double Crystal)

Level 2 – Divine Judgement

* Sailormoon; Sailor Senshi
* Pretty Cure
* Z-Squad

Level 1 – Cursing (Elemental)

* Private Form; Princess Form; Chibiusa

This is just a test that quantifies the personification dictated by each level. The quantity of levels is based on my own bias, since I enjoy dividing things into threes (a la Triple Goddess)


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