Red Alert, Tiberium Sun, Dune 2000

A mix of units and buildings from old Westwood games (late 90’s). Mostly the war-games I used to indulge in.

Level 6

* Multi-Missile (Tiberium Sun)
* Nuclear Missile (Red Alert)
* Chemical Missile (Tiberium Sun)
* Mammoth Tank Mk.II (Tiberium Sun)
* ICBM (Red Alert)

Level 5

* Stealth Tank (Tiberium Sun)
* Flame Tank (Red Alert)
* Tesla Soldier (Red Alert)
* Flamethrower Soldier (Red Alert)
* Mammoth Tank (Red Alert)
* Chinook (Red Alert)
* Tesla Tank (Red Alert)
* Tanya (Red Alert)
* Hunter-Seeker (Tiberium Sun)

Level 4

* Large Tank (Red Alert)
* Medium Tank (Red Alert)
* Hover MRLS (Tiberium Sun)
* Helicopter (Red Alert)
* Ticktank (Tiberium Sun)

Level 3

* Small Tank (Red Alert)
* Jeep (Red Alert)
* APC (Red Alert)
* Yak Attack Plane (Red Alert)
* NOD Bike (Tiberium Sun)

Level 2

* Conscript (Red Alert)
* Rifleman (Red Alert)
* Rocketeer (Red Alert)

Level 1

* Ore Truck (Red Alert)


Level 6

* Chronosphere (Red Alert)
* Iron Curtain (Red Alert)
* Missile Silo (Red Alert)
* Weather Control Device (Red Alert)

Level 5

* Upgrade Center (Tiberium Sun)
* Temple of NOD (Tiberium Sun)
* Obelisk of Light (Tiberium Sun)
* Cloning Vat (Red Alert)

Level 4

* War Factory (Red Alert, Tiberium Sun)
* (Ix) Tech Center (Dune 2K, Red Alert, Tiberium Sun)
* Helipad

Level 3

* Airstrip (Red Alert)
* Radar Dome (Red Alert, Tiberium Sun)

Level 2

* Barracks (Red Alert, Tiberium Sun)
* Laser Tower (Tiberium Sun)

Level 1

* Refinery (Tiberium Sun, Red Alert)
* Power Plant (Red Alert, Tiberium Sun)

Level 0

* Construction Yard (Tiberium Sun, Red Alert, Dune 2K)

Kabal – level 0


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