Discrimination toward transgender and queer people.

Horrible people promoting their orthodox views toward people who are born and act different. Their is no evidence in the Bible stating that a God detects queer relationships. The only thing I know is in the Greek Bible, stating that a man shouldn’t sleep with a child. Their exposition is totally overblown and is just a way for certain people to promote their ideals, covering-over the fears they have towards other people.

Queer people simply have a different genetic structure than other people, usually with more of a certain Chromosome. Transgender people are born in the alternative body to what is usually for them, their is no physical difference, just that the emotional connection to things reflects their internal self. This is all a natural act of nature and cannot be faulted, so thought it is an everyday struggle and encourages disphoria. An everyday struggle.

It’s is in my opinion that, such things cannot be against a god’s will, since such creatures where created by a god, then the god had created the gay mindset, and obviously loves all equally.

Now also there is an anti-gay bus rolling around America, its disgusting that these people refuse to give up their hateful ways.

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