Monster Genesis

A similarity between Digimon and Pokemon, concerning the genetic structure of the monsters in question. For Pokemon, it is the DNA contain with the Pokemon’s cells. For Digimon, it is contained within the DigiCore of the Digimon.

Both systems have a base set of “types”. Each contains information that dictates the physical structures that the monsters takes form from. Their are a given number of types for each monster that acts as the bases for a monsters existance, and forms the basic actions, desires and lifestyle for each monsters.

For Pokemon their are around 22 (divided into sets of 3, with similar attributes. For Digimon, their are eight. As time progresses and new information is assimilated, the basic information improves and multiple types within each monster appear. New forms better adapt to the every changing environment. In Digimon, this genetic code is known is its programming.

Certain monsters represent the base for these types, and so new forms are evolutions of those ancient forms. Such are called ancestors and are worshipped as such.


As for Digimon: –

Kudamon – Light – Virus Busters
Dracmon – Dark – Dark Area
Swimmon – Water – Deep Savers
KoKabuterimon – Machine – Metal Empire
Lalamon – Nature – Nature Spirits
Gaomon – Beast – Nightmare Soldiers
Falcomon – Sky – Wind Guardians
Dracomon – Dragon – Unknown

Eight individual systems, eight branches extending from the beginning of the Digital World’s existance. Each is a unique character with differentiating attributes.

Miracles, Kindess worm, v-
Their is no system for Miracles/Kindness.


As for Pokemon: –

Mew – Electric, Normal, Ground
Manaphy – Fighting, Water, Amphibian/Polyp/Morph
Jirachi – Ice, Rock, Steel
Shaymin – Snake
Darkrai – Dark, Light, Ghost
Celebi – Grass, Poison, Bug
Heatran – Fire, Dragon, Mollusk
Cresselia – Psychic, Flying, Fairy

7/8 core genetic systems, further divided by gender (positive, negative, neutral) all originating from the genesis of the Pokemon world.

These Pokemon May contain proto-genetics that will eventually develop into the given forms.

To satisfy the division system, certain Pokemon fall into categories that would otherwise not exist given the canon 18. These are the Light, Mollusk and Morph categories.

* Light is part of category 4, and includes Skitty and Meowth.
* Mollusk is part of category 2, and includes Slugma and similar Pokemon.
* Morph is part of the last category, and includes frog and jellyfish Pokemon – mainly because they are primative, aquatic Pokemon.
* I found it difficult to classify Snake Pokemon, I considered Poison, but their is a variety of snake-like Pokemon (like Onix, whose is oddly designed). Since snakes are considered close to (being a) god, it only makes sense to place them with the long misused Ophiuchus. Also, the tally of categories comes to 24, which is enough to fit the Zodiac twice over, Yin and Yang for each sign.


Monsters with multiple types: Modern forms of monster have at least two or more types embedded in thier sysyem, creating more complex and symbolic creatures. Those of which reflect our modern day lives.

Dracomon [Dragon] =>Agumon [Dragon][Holy]
Gaomon [Beast] => Gabumon [Beast][Machine]

Psychic type as a precursor/placeholder.
Floramon [Sky]

Monster evolution:

Creatures in the modern age carry over the primal attributes of their ancestors.

V-mon [Dark] => Gajimon [Dark] – employs the mystery of dark matter…
Armadimon [Holy] => Elecmon [Holy] – follows the route of a proto-mammal that evolves into a dinosaur, the supposed evolution of a dragon.

EbiDramon [Water][Dragon] – employes elemental power.

Baby Digmon carry the energy of each element, such as Choromon who embodies the modern Metal Empire system.

Modern forms of Pokemon employ multiple tactics to achieve victory in battle. The development of extra-type traits serves to aid in an intellectual advantage.

Celebi [proto-Grass] => Bulbasaur [Grass][Poison]
Diancie [proto-Flying] => Torchic [Flying][Fire]

The attribute associated with a Pokemon such as Sigilyph [Flying][proto], indicates that it is a near-modern ancestor of Flying Pokemon. Psychic was my original choice.


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