Worm Magic

– Worms 2 –

Sets of 4 divided into three levels, increase in power on each level.

Pisces – D – Freeze, Skip Turn
Aquarius – C – Nuclear Test
Capricorn – B – Magic Bullet
Sagittarius – A – Mad Cow; Old Women; Ming Vase
Ophiuchus – Low Gravity, Invisibility, (power of a god)
Scorpio – D – Pneumatic Drill, Girder
Libra – C – Carpet Bomb, Sheep Strike, MB Bomb
Virgo – B – Shotgun, Uzi, Minigun
Leo – A – Super Banana Bomb; Holy Hand Grenade, Salvation Army; Petrol Bomb
Cancer – D – Fire Punch, Dragon Ball, Prod
Gemini – C – Air Srike, Napalm Strike
Taurus – B – Bazooka , Missile, Homing Pigeon
Aries – A – Grenade, Banana Bomb, Dynamite, Sheep, Mine
D – Electrical Energy – higher level, internal energy
C – Chemical Energy – has merging reaction that changes form
B – Kinetic Energy – released, has momentum
A – Potential Energy – standing still, desires release

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