Elsa needs a heir

Queen Elsa, the lesbian ruler of Arendale. Now residing in her true home and ruling over her people, it is time to birth an heir. Unable to console herself with a man, she is forced to find a suitor who will “do the deed” in exchange for a handsome sum.

Flustered by the appearance of a naked man, she submits to his pursuits, and bends her naked body over so that he may assume his royal pleasure. Time goes on as he continues to lavish in his undertaking. Poor Elsa, her entire body filled with quiziness. Eventually, unable to withstain any more punishment, she pulls off and dashes off to the bathroom – promptly vomiting all over the toilet seats.

Just at that moment, Anna walks in. Shocked by her sister’s pale complexing, she consoles her sister.

Eventually, the both return to Elsa’s chambers where the man is waiting impatiently. Angered by this, Anna exclaim that he should finish his deed and begone. Resentfully, he pushes back in andcontinues with the unwanted coitus, going at a more stifled pace. Anna holds her sister’s hand to comfort the agony.

When he is done, he pulls out – some liquid flows out of Elsa’s red hot body. Hastily, he cleans himself up and gets dressed. Grabbing the money, he leaves with a huff, and Elsa’s naked body lying there, wreathing in pain.

Eventually, Elsa is courted by a lovely, wealthy Princess from another Kingdom.

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