Pokemon Panthenon

This setup is based on the family lines that make up the Orphic Panthenon, but is my interpretation. At this, each line is mearly the elemental connection between characters, and not a true representation of my system.

These sets of characters can also be placed in Sephirot Trees.

Hydros/Thesis (Arceus) =>

Erebus (Palkia) => Nyx (Kyogre) => Pontos (Lugia)
Chaos (Giratina) => Gaea (Rayquaza) => Uranus (The Weathers)
Aether (Dailga) => Hemera (Groudon) => Tartarus (Ho-oh)

=> Phorcys (Suicune) – unknowns of the sea
=> Thaumas (Entei) – wonders of the sea
=> Nereus (Raikou) – bounty of the sea

=> Polybotes (Articuno) – Feeding many
=> Porphyrion (Moltres) – Urging on
=> Enkeladoes (Zapdos) – Surging


Erebus (Kyurem Black) => Nyx (Zekrom) => Eris (Latia)
Chaos (?????) => Gaea (Kyurem) => Uranus (Regigigas)
Aether (Kyurem White) => Hemera (Reshiram) => Thalassa (Latios)

=> Oceanus (Registeel)
=> Hyperion (Regiice)
=> Cronus (Regirock)


Erebus (Yveltal) => Nyx (?????) => (Pontus) (?????)
Chaos (Zygarde) => Gaea (?????) => (Uranus) (?????)
Aether (Xerneas) => Hemera (?????) => (Tartarus) (????)

Coeus (Marshadow)
Iapetus (Lunala)
Krios (Solgaleo)

Could these characters be connected? What is the evidence…


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