Khtonic – Astral

These are the offspring of the protogenic gods, that exist outside the natural world. It is divided into three layers, each representing an attitude toward existence.

For each relationship, there are children who embodied these traits, these titans rule over emotion.

Erebus + Nyx — (khtonic, Land, Evil, Feminine)
=> Eris ===> Moros
=> Nemesis ===> Momos
=> Hypnos ===> Morpheus ===> Icelus
=> Thanatos ===> ?????

Aether + Hemera — (upper atmosphere, Sea, Holy, Masculine)
=> Thalassa ===> Aphrodite ===> Harmonia
=> Sophrosyne ===> ?????
=> Epiphron ===> ?????

Gaea + Physis — (in the sky, Sky, Neutral, Genderless)
=> Uranus ===> Cronus ===> Poseidon
=> Pontos ===> Nereus
=> Tartarus ===> Typhon

In my opinion, males are associated with the land, and women are associated with the sea. It’s current form treats women as evil beings.

Khronus + Ananke ===> Phanes ===> Eros


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